Calici di Stelle

August 10th, 2004

Calici di Stelle is back in Rapale. After one year of abstinence we got the event of the year back to our village. As the Cioli villa is ready restored - now also offering agriturismo - the villa was the centre of the celebration. More guests than ever came to join the event. As in former years, typical Tuscany refreshments were offered and also the vineries of the area presented their white and red vines. Rapale was crowed with people, all enjoining a wonderful summer evening. Sometimes it became a problem to reach a glass of wine. But there were always some friends nearby or someone bumped into an old acquaintance.

In order to observe the nightly sky, two telescopes were installed accompanied by well informed astronomers. A very special spirit was originated from the literature lecture presented near the church of Rapale. Shakespeare, candlelight and the old walls of Rapale created an exiting event, more silent and rich in content.

But most of the guests joined the big party until late in the night, discussing, chatting and enjoying the hospitality of the Cioli family and Rapale.