Calici di Stelle

August 14th, 2002

Because of bad weather conditions, the celebration had to be moved for four days. With 70 litre / m², the 10th of August was the most rainy day of the year in Rapale.  Never the less, this year about 30 % more guests came to join the party.

10.08.2002   09:04

14.08.2002   11:58

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This year the taste of typical Tuscany food and Chianti wine were focus of attention for the guests of the garden party. There was a lot of information about the different wines, presented by the well informed waiter. The absence of astronomer and telescope was got over soon. With their experience in hospitality and organizing a party even for about 400 guests, the Cioli family again were very attentive hosts. Until late in the night discussing and chatting people enjoyed the special atmosphere in the garden of the Cioli villa.