Calici di Stelle

August 10th, 2001

Initialized by the Commune of Bucine, there was a special event in the evening of 10.08.2001 in Rapale:

Calici di Stelle

Computer animated explications about the actual situation of the nightly sky above Rapale and the telescopical observation, e. g. of the planet Mars, were offered to the guests of this celebration.

Thanks to the hospitality of the Cioli family and their great action in organizing such a big celebration, also a wonderful garden party took place at their residence. Until late in the night friends and guests of the family tasted the different Chianti wines of the zone, enjoyed all kind of refreshments, had a look to the stars and chated with the other guests of the party. Life music and the sightseeing of the lighted villagages up to the mountains of the Pratomagno, resulted in a very exciting atmosphere.